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I Love You To Death

Here comes another exciting romantic horror-comedy film that is surely worth your time, money, and effort going to movie theaters. “I Love You To Death” is a 2016 movie brought by Regal Entertainment, which stars two of the brightest young stars of today, Enchong Dee and Kiray Celis. Watching this feel-good film of the year is surely a one-of-a-kind experience since it will make viewers fall in love, laugh, and scream at the same time.

A few months after the undeniable success of the rom-com “Love is Blind”, comedienne and former child actress Kiray Celis will once again make a big noise in the Philippine cinema, especially this time that she will be teaming up with one of the country’s most admired matinee idols, Enchong Dee. This tandem is indeed something unusual and definitely an excellent choice for a romantic/comedy/horror film.

The movie’s plot is basically about Gwen (Kiray) who once wished to finally find the man of her life who will love her truly, madly, and deeply. At first, everything is like rainbows and butterflies for her when such wish came true – her childhood sweetheart Tonton (Enchong) who is now a hunky boyfriend-material suddenly shows up and falls in love with her. But later on for some reasons, her fantasy has suddenly turned into a nightmare. What happens next and how her wish got granted are some of the things you got to find out when this fantastic movie finally hits the silver screens.

Included to the other stars of “I Love You To Death” are Janice De Belen, Michelle Vito, Devon Seron, Betong Sumaya, Paolo Gumabao, Shine Kuk, Trina Legaspi, Jon Lucas Christian Bables, Dino Pastrano, and Nico Nicolas. This highly anticipated movie was directed by Miko Livelo, and it will be shown in theaters all over the Philippines on July 6, 2016.

“Imagine You and Me”

After several months, the long wait of eager Aldub fans is finally about to end. “Imagine You & Me”, the second movie team-up of the Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards, and the Kalye-Serye Darling and Philippine’s “Queen of Dubsmash”, Maine Mendoza, will be finally seen in theaters in just a few days. This is really something historical since it is actually the phenomenal kalye-serye loveteam’s first time to lead in a movie. It can’t be denied though that the tremendous success of “My Bebe Love: #Kiligpamore” is credited to them, although the movie’s lead stars were Vic Sotto and Ai Ai delas Alas.

“Imagine You & Me” is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated romantic comedy film of the year, produced by M-Zet TV Production, APT Entertainment, and GMA Films. It is basically all about a story of Gara (Maine Mendoza), a bubbly and spirited girl who goes to Italy to fulfill her dreams and at the same time, to find herself. There she meets Andrew (Alden Richards) who is undergoing some dramatic events in his life. Just like in most of the other rom-coms, Gara and Andrew eventually find themselves enjoying the company of each other until their respective life issues come in between them.

Directed by Mike Tuviera, most of the scenes of this movie were shot in Italy. There are a number of new things about Philippines’ most phenomenal love team to watch out for in this exciting film as well. Other premier actors starring in this upcoming 2016 romantic comedy film include Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Yayo Aguila, Irma Adlawan, William Martinez, Luis Alandy, Cacai Bautista, Cai Cortez, Elijah Alejo, and Jerald Napoles.

On July 13, 2016, three days before the 1st anniversary of Aldub, “Imagine You & Me” will be shown in theaters nationwide. This would indeed be a big celebration for all Kalye-serye fans all over the country.

The Achy Breaky Heart

Torn between two handsome lovers – this is basically what Star Cinema’s latest offering is all about. There’s no doubt fans of “Be Careful with My Heart” and “Pangako Ko Sa ‘Yo” would also get very eager to know who among Frank (Richard Yap) and Ryan (Ian Veneracion) will be the lucky guy to win Chinggay’s (Jodi Sta. Maria) heart in this 2016 romantic comedy flick. In fact, this rare love triangle rom-com would be something many hopeless romantics could deeply relate to.

With the highly reputable storytelling skills of Director Antoinette Jadaone, “The Achy Breaky Heart” basically tells the story of Chinggay, a single lady in her 30s who unexpectedly gets the strong affection of two awesome bachelors in town, just when she started feeling desperate for her singlehood. There is a lot of twist and turns in the story that the fans should watch out for. It’s a whole different Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap, and Ian Veneracion one can see in this much awaited feel-good, heartwarming romantic comedy film.

Other than the said lead stars, “The Achy Breaky Heart” also features a jam-packed lineup of prominent artists in the Philippine TV and cinema. Among them are Sarah Lahbati, Beauty Gonzales, Khalil Ramos, Miles Ocampo, Desiree Del Valle, Denise Joaqin, Erika Padilla, Sharmaine Buencamino, Rey Abellana, and Ms. Liza Lorena. Of course, knowing that this highly anticipated movie of the year is directed by award winning director, Antoinette Jadaone, it can’t be denied that it’s nothing but a top-caliber Filipino movie worth every moviegoer’s time, effort, and money to watch it hit the big screens.

“The Achy Breaky Heart” would be released on June 29, 2016 in theaters nationwide. This is surely another box office hit from Star Cinema, the maker of timeless and top-of-the-line mainstream films in the Philippines.