Halik sa Hangin

Star Cinema proudly presents and is pleased to introduce an exceptional rare movie Halik sa Hangin. Exceptional, because it is a fusion of romance and suspense and the audience is not quite used to this taste. The movie will have its unexpected twists and turn of events. Starring in the film are Julia Motes, JC de Vera, and Gerald Anderson. The film is shot in the province of baguio which made it more appealing to watch because of its beautiful scenery and it made the movie more realistic. The film is directed by Emanuel Quindo Palo.

Basically Halik sa Hangin is a love story. It is a story of a girl that fell in love for the first time. Mia (Julia Montes) is from manila and is forced to live in baguio due for some reason. Mia unexpectedly get involve on two guys, Gio (Gerald Anderson) and Alvin (JC de Vera), and these two will change Mia’s life forever. Love is the greatest emotion that a man could feel; it is also an emotion that can destroy a person. Will the love she discovers save her or break her? Watch Halik sa Hangin on January 28,2015 on cinemas nationwide.


EDSA WOOLWORTH is the 20th anniversary film offering of The Filipino Channel. It will be distributed by Star Cinema Productions and will be directed by John-D Lazatin. John-D Lazatin is also the director of Pokwang’s debut drama movie A Mother’s Story. He also directed 24/7 in Love, Bcuz of U and several MMK episodes. The movie will be starred by Pokwang, Ricci Chan, Lee O’Brian, Steven Spohn, Carlos R. Hailey, and Prince Saruhan. The movie is plotted in San Francisco which they have worked and taped for a month. The film was released in the U.S. last November 14, 2014 and is expected to hit on the big screen this January 14, 2015.

EDSA WOOLWORTH is a family drama that presents a story of a traditional Filipino-American family. Pokwang portrays Edsa Woolworth, the oldest among 3 siblings that is taking care of their American stepfather Frank Woolworth, played by Steven Spohn. The 3 sibling struggled on their own issues in life and Frank, as their stepfather, is worried about his stepchildren as he really cares about them like his own. He wanted his children to be happy so he sacrificed a lot for them even if it means that he will be taken for granted. He even convinces Edsa to find a love of her life but Edsa has already set up his priorities and the number one on it is her family. Will Edsa find the man of her dreams? Will her other 2 siblings find the answer to their issues? Will they be a happy family? Catch Edsa Woolworth on theaters nationwide.