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Love Me Tomorrow

Love defies all, including age gaps – this is what Star Cinema’s newest blockbuster offering, “Love Me Tomorrow” has to say. This is something unusual since what most Filipinos got used to are romantic stories between a man and a woman of the same or almost the same age. How will you handle the situation wherein you are torn between the love of a much younger lady and a much younger woman? It’s up for you to find out when this exciting romantic film hits the big screens on May 25, 2016.

Piolo Pascual, who just had a tremendous success internationally with the 8-hour drama film “Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis”, portrays the character of JC, a free-willed disc jockey. JC will be caught in a love triangle with a young socialite, Janine, played by Coleen Garcia, and a married fashion designer, Cristy, played by Dawn Zulueta. Nothing but intense and heartfelt dramatic scenes blended with realistic romance among these actors will be seen in this exceptional 2016 film of Star Cinema. Directed by the reputable director, Gino M. Santos, “Love Me Tomorrow” is indeed something to watch out for, especially for all hopeless romantics and fans of dramatic and romantic movies.

There are a lot of questions and unexpected twists to anticipate for within the movie’s plot. Although many people say and believe that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love, it can’t be denied that there are still criticisms people can throw at a man who’s into a romantic relationship with a much older woman. But once you get to see this movie, you may get another perspective about what true love really means. “Love Me Tomorrow” is generally a sugar-coated reflection and artistic portrayal of what the society appears to be when it comes to issues between love and age.

This Time

Jadine fans are once again super excited for another sure-fire hit coming from James Reid and Nadine Lustre. The romantic movie, “This Time” will be the fifth movie that features the country’s most lovable and most sought after love teams of today. Following their previously ended drama series on ABS-CBN “On the Wings of Love”, this exciting romantic film of the year has so much to offer to all hopeless romantics out there. This is in fact James Reid’s and Nadine Lustre’s first time to work together in a movie as a real-life couple, after they recently confirmed to the public about the real score between the two of them.

In “This Time”, James Reid will be playing the role of Coby Martinez, the special childhood friend of Ava Buhay, played by Nadine Lustre. The story basically revolves around the long-distance special friendship between Coby and Ava who meet and spend time together during Coby’s summer vacation only. As the plot progresses, it is then revealed that the two of them come to realize something about their mutual understanding. Things could have been easier between them if not because of their respective commitments and goals in life. Hence more and more Jadine fans are now getting curious of how will this love story going to end.

Directed by Nuel Crisostomo Naval and written by Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario, “This Time” will be hitting the big screens on May 4, 2016. This is surely one of Viva Cinema’s box office films and most talked about movies for this year. Other reputable actors joining James Reid and Nadine Lustre include Bret Jackson, Issa Pressman, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Candy Pangilinan. There is no doubt this 2016 romantic movie comes with a lot of surprising twists and turns that Jadine fans should never dare to miss.


It’s been a while since the last time the Philippine cinema featured something about the Christian faith. Thus, Lebtelon Film Production Services brings good news through the movie “Diyos-Diyosan”. Not only that, this remarkable film is also timely enough as it tackles a number of socio-political issues that apparently reflect the current situation of the nation today. That’s why this movie is something worth watching as the National Election Day draws near. It is highly expected to be the movie of the year where everyone could learn a lot from.

What makes “Diyos-Diyosan” even more exciting is the fact that is stars one of the country’s most well-appreciated antagonists in films and TV drama series, Ms. Princess Punzalan. But this time, she’s playing the role that Filipinos are surely not used to see her do. In fact, her character as Estrell in the movie is one who had a renewed heart and made a decision to live the rest of her life as a true follower of Jesus Christ. She’s the former teacher of Bernard, played by John Prats, who considers himself a self-made man after experiencing a tragic life from the hands of his own parents then. Basically, the story’s plot would tackle Bernard’s quest for success and power as an aspirant for presidency, and the possibility that he would eventually be saved and turn to God with the help of his mother.

Overall, one could make some realizations upon watching “Diyos-Diyosan”. Everyone should get to reflect through this movie as it has something to say about the things that make a person submit to his ‘diyos-diyosan’ or functional savior. This movie is directed by Cesar Buendia and it will be shown in theaters nationwide on May 4, 2016. Other actors featured in this socio-political/spiritual film include Glaiza de Castro, Kiko Estrada, Lorenzo Mara, Cheska Diaz, Vaness del Moral, and with the special participation of premier actor, Tirso Cruz III.