Halloween is getting near and Regal Films has a spooky treat to all of you as the horror movie event of the season is here. Regal Films presents the movie “Dilim”, a film that is perfect for the Halloween season and will surely spice up to your Halloween experience. The movie will be starred by Kylie Padilla and Rayver Cruz.

The movie “Dilim” will be Kylie’s first film and will surely give a pressure to her. Coming from a well known dynasty of actors and actresses, Kylie is tensed for her first film, adding up that she will be portraying the main character in the movie. Aside from her first time doing a movie; it is also her first time to team up with the actor Rayver Cruz. The two has an indefinable chemistry in fact the two are rumored to be dating. Well…. Let’s see if the two have the same chemistry in the movie just like of the real life. So watch “Dilim” which is directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

In the film, Kylie’s character has a supernatural ability to see and talk to dead people. She was haunted by the dead to seek for Kylie’s help. Because of this, she teamed up with Joross Gamboa’s, Rayver Cruz’ and Rafael Rossel’s character to solve a case. Then everything seemed to be getting worst as she helps the dead and as it is getting longer the story became darker and darker. Find out what happens next and catch “Dilim” in theater nationwide on October 22, 2014.

The Trial

Star Cinema presents a movie that will surely be a big hit on the big screen and a movie that will touch your hearts. “The Trial” will be the most controversial movie as it depicts an extra ordinary story regarding on the mentally challenged person. The film will be new to the Filipino audience and it will be a new taste to offer to the Filipino viewers. Starring on the movie are: John Llyod Cruz, on his most challenging role ever; Jessie Mendiola, on fulfilling her bucket list upon working with John Llyod Cruz; Richard Gomez, and; Gretchen Barreto, on her comeback movie after a very long time. The movie “The Trial” is the directed by the one and only Chito S. Roño and it will still be a part of the 20th anniversary of Star Cinema.

The film revolves on Ronald/Ron-Ron (John Lloyd Cruz) a mentally challenged person that has a gay father and a lesbian mother. Physically, Ron-Ron is a man but due to her situation, he is still in studying in a lower level of education. There, he met Isabelle/Bessy (Jessie Mendiola), a grade school teacher and is the teacher of Ron-Ron. Isabelle came from a wealthy and well known family but she is searching for a love that she never experienced from her family. The love in which she found from Ron-Ron but an incident happened and she accused Ron-Ron for raping her. Ron- Ron was put into trial and met his lawyer Jullian Bien (Richard Gomez). Jullian is in the rocks of his marriage with his wife Amanda Bien (Gretchen Barreto) and they are in danger of splitting up. Know what happens next and catch “The Trial” in theaters nationawide on October 15, 2014.