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My Rebound Girl

Following the successful first team-up of Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco in the Pinoy adaptation of the Korean TV drama series “Pure Love”, is the feel-good romantic comedy film, “My Rebound Girl”. This promising movie is surely great news to all SephLex fans out there. The plot appears to be funny and romantic, and at the same time, it seems to be something many broken hearts could relate to. These and more make Alex Gonzaga the perfect choice for the title role.

Directed by Emmanuel Dela Cruz, “My Rebound Girl” is another blockbuster hit coming from Regal Films for this year. The movie’s plot is basically about the story of a hopeless romantic lady who appears to be quite unfortunate enough to have been from one rebound relationship to another. This happens for a number of times and just when she thinks she has had enough of being a rebound girl, she meets a man who apparently becomes the game-changer in her tragic love story. The question is, will this be another typical and cheesy boy-meets-girl story or something along the plot makes “My Rebound Girl” a one-of-a-kind romantic flick? Find out as it hits the theaters nationwide on September 28, 2016.

Many avid fans of the said love team are already eager to see them back together again after two years. For sure, Alex and Marco have so much in store for those who have been wishing for their next project as a love team, especially as the lead stars in the big screen. Other than them, this exciting romantic comedy film with a little drama also stars Martin Escudero, Mitoy Yonting, Pinky Amador, Carl Guevara, Nathalie Hart, Helga Krapf, Alora Sasam, Racquel Villavicencio, Anna Vicente, Nico Nicolas, and Lawrence Yap. Surely “My Rebound Girl” would make a big noise with what it has to offer.

Barcelona: A Love Untold

This is great news to all Kathniel fans all over the world. “Barcelona: A Love Untold” is a level-up project in the big screen for both Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla – two of the hottest young stars of their generation. After their tremendous success with their recently concluded TV drama series “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”, one of the country’s most phenomenal love teams will once again prove to everyone that they indeed have what it takes to be crowned as the Teen King and Queen. And this time, one can expect a big transformation on them as actors that we got used to in cheesy flicks and rom-com movie projects, which include the box office hits “She’s Dating the Gangster” and “Crazy Beautiful You”.

To some people, one can expect that “Barcelona: A Love Untold” is just another love story of two Filipinos who meet abroad. Well, there’s actually more than that in this promising movie, particularly knowing the fact that the movie’s trailer shows that the story is basically about moving on, self-forgiveness, and starting anew. This interesting love story of Ely (Daniel Padilla) and Mia (Kathryn Bernardo) is somewhat mysterious in a sense that each of them has their own personal issues from the past that hinder them to enjoy the good things happening in the present. Many broken hearts and bitter souls would definitely get to relate to the said characters. And of course, this movie would include a lot of “kilig” scenes, enhanced by the alluring beauty of Barcelona.

Another reason why this romantic film is something worthy to be watched in the big screens September 14, 2016 is that it was directed by award-winning and highly respected director, Olivia Lamasan. Surely this movie would make a big noise in the Philippine cinema and would be included in the country’s list of most successful and top-grossers of all time.

That Thing Called Tanga Na

Filipinos are undeniably fond of movie and TV series protagonists who seem to be martyrs, especially when it comes to “in the name of love” situations. With that, Regal Films proudly present something that many love story fans and non-fans would surely relate to. “That Thing Called Tanga Na” is a comic love story about broken hearts and never-say-die romantic hopefuls. Leading this movie are Kean Cipriano, Mart Escudero, Billy Crawford, and Eric Quizon. Each of them plays a gay role in this hilarious rom-com of the year, and they will be joined by one of the most admirable “jologs/tanga-tangahan” actresses of today, Angeline Quinto.

Directed by award-winning director, Joel Lamangan, the story of “That Thing Called Tanga Na” is like a reflection of the reality of being in a third-party relationship where one takes advantage of the “foolishness” of the other party who chooses to act blindly just for the sake of their relationship. This is not just a funny and wacky film since it also touches the heart of its viewers and hit them to the core. Of course, one can expect a few, if not a bunch, of parodies and “hugot” lines throughout this exciting Regal Film masterpiece. Other than the said actors, the cast of “That Thing Called Tanga Na” also includes Vangie Labalan, Nikki Valdez, Albie CasiƱo, Jerald Napoles, Ken Alfons, Lawrence Yap, Paolo Gumabao, Luke Conde, and Shine Kuk.

It is indeed exciting to see Billy Crawford, Mart Escudero, and Kean Cipriano doing a gay role in a movie, especially now that they are joining Eric Quizon, who is very much known for being a veteran in this kind of act. There’s so much to watch out for with these guys and of course, with the wacky diva, Angeline Quinto. “That Thing Called Tanga Na” will be shown on August 10, 2016 in theaters nationwide.